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Dogs have always been with us. They were usually mixed-breed mongrels.

My adventure with canine training has begun when a beagle puppy lived with me, a dog that came from one of plenty so-called "dog-factories" that didn't deserve to be called a "kennel". Attending trainings regurarly, I've been watching several breeds, still looking for the one, most suitable for me and my interests: a dog which would be a full of energy quick-learner, deprived of aggresion, a dog which I'd be able to do anything with and anywhere. A border collie - finally I made the decision! An enormous intelligence, energy, athleticism, immense love and devotion towards the caregiver and the versatility of these dogs caused that there was no other choice to make and I just had to find that one, dreamed-of border collie!

After some time of searching for suitable breeding lines outside my country, I finally found the kennel I liked. They were planning a litter and traits of both of the parents fulfilled my expectations. I've made a reservation, hoping that after six or more months my dream would come true and change my life.

This is the beginning of the story, which keeps going on to this day.

When it comes to border collies you have two options: either you've got one and you'll never make that "mistake" again, or one will never be enough for you and you'll continously gather more!

Mystique Regni

Anna & Piotr Czerwik