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Purchasing a puppy is a big commitment - it's for life. Our interest in the puppy doesn't stop when you take your puppy home. Far from it. Each life brought forth from our kennels is a responsibility that never ends, so we can in good conscience sell only to homes that will agree to the following:

1. If the dog cannot be kept - for any reason - it is returned to Mystique Regni. If you have another home in mind for the dog, you are required to clear it with us first, because we want to know all about the prospective new family.

2. The dog must receive all annual inoculations, periodic worm medicine, etc… - whatever your veterinarian advises. The dog must receive any necessary veterinary treatment, whether for accident or illness, routine or emergency. Be safe, not sorry - we strongly encourage the purchase of pet insurance.

3. You must let us know if any condition arises that affects the dog's health. All documentation for such claims must be shared with our veterinarian and us, with final determination made by appropriate recognized authority. This is very important, as we are devoted breeders that must take into consideration any hereditary problems.

4. You must agree to have the dog's hips certified at the age of two. Also, remember, we guarantee our puppies to be free of any serious hereditary problems, including  CEA/CL/TNS.  if we receive appropriate documentation of these problems. Copies of eye exams or hip x-ray reports should always be sent to us.

5. The puppy will receive basic obedience training. No matter how you rate yourself as a trainer, all puppies benefit from formal classes. We encourage all our puppy buyers to aspire to passing the test.

6. The puppy should be provided for in your will, so that should something happen to you, the dog will be cared for. The best provision may be to specify that the dog is returned to us at Mistique Regni.

7. We request an annual report on the dog with at least one photograph. This can be in the form of a Christmas card with a few general lines, but we want to know where and how the dog is, and it helps us very much to see how each puppy has matured.  If you relocate or change your phone number, please let us know your new home address and home phone number.

8. All puppies bred by Anna i Piotr Czerwik will have Mistique Regni FCI registered name.

9. The puppy will be raised with love and affection, as a valued member of your family.

NOTE:  When you make a reservation for a puppy by leaving a deposit, that deposit is non-refundable.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please call us to discuss them. Please understand, we maintain these strict requirements with our dogs' best interests at mind.